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Check out the following garage door tips here and learn how to make wise decisions

Thicker is not always better

Don’t expect that the thicker u-shaped astragal used on a steel garage door is always better. You should always go for the perfect fit. Experts in garage door troubleshooting will always call for just the right size since having too much of it can affect the operation of the electric door opener. An overly thick astragal may erroneously trigger the safety reversal feature.

Things to get for garage door maintenance and repair

If you are shopping for your garage door maintenance tools and supplies, don’t forget to include the following items: hammer, tape measure, pliers and locking pliers, wrench set, spray-on lithium grease or other appropriate lubricants, and lift handles. When it comes to garage door repair supplies, you can’t really anticipate which parts will break down.

Don't lose your manual

Your garage door manual is very useful. You can find helpful information about parts and their lifespan, details about your garage door opener and how to make some adjustments in case the door moves too slow or fast.

Garage door noises could indicate defects

Screeching or squealing sounds from the garage door could be perceived as indicators of the need for garage door maintenance. They could mean that lubrication is already needed. They may also serve as signs of the imminent possibility of broken springs. If the noises come from the door rollers, cleaning may be needed or the rollers may already need replacement.

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